The father of a man fatally stabbed outside his Richmond home earlier this month said cultural differences might have contributed to the confusion and anger his family felt when RCMP allegedly treated them like suspects.

Cezar Dalde’s son Charle, 24, was stabbed outside their home on April 14.

The Filipino man, his wife and son were headed to hospital that night when three RCMP officers met them outside, told them to raise their hands, kneel down, handcuffed them and searched their home.

He said when they arrived at hospital and learned their son was dead, police refused to let them see his body. They weren’t allowed to see him for a week.

Cezar said he was furious and wants an apology, which police said they’ve issued, but added he wasn’t familiar with the policing system.

“The best thing to do is if immigrants are coming, before they come to Canada to (learn) how (the system) works,” he said.

“There (should) be a program for new immigrants (to) teach them how the laws and education works.”

Richmond RCMP spokeswoman Cpl. Nycki Basra said police acted within protocol.

“Having people handcuffed in this situation is pretty normal,” she said. “We have apologized to them for that experience, not that it was unwarranted.”

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