CALGARY - A doctor says the father of a Calgary toddler who died of a methadone overdose wasn't supposed to have the powerful drug in his home.

Jonathon Hope and Lisa Guerin are on trial for manslaughter in the death of their 16-month-old daughter Summer. The child died in April 2006 after ingesting methadone, which is used to help wean addicts off more powerful drugs.

A doctor from the Second Chance Recovery Clinic says Hope was allowed at one point to carry home his methadone in a locked box, but that privilege was revoked in 2006.

Court has heard that Hope told two officers he managed to take part of his dose home and he believed the medication was out of his daughter's reach.

Hope told a detective he suspected the toddler may have sipped from a coffee cup which contained the drug and which he had left on top of a TV in the bedroom.

When he returned from doing repairs on his car, the cup was on the floor.

He also told the detective that when he suggested to Guerin they take the girl for medical attention, she refused.

The couple is also charged with criminal negligence and failing to meet their parental duties.