The Internet has spawned numerous sites promoting a variety of unique ways to make grocery shopping and meal planning simpler for time-crunched Canadians.

In January, a Halifax-based father and son launched, which for a fee provides users with customized daily or weekly meal calendars, along with detailed recipes.

“It provides solutions to very real issues,” says George Borovan, president of Noviden Technologies Inc., the company behind the project. He adds the hope was to improve people’s health through healthy eating and simplify life through predictable planning and more structured grocery shopping.


He says he and his son Brent, a computer engineer, came up with the idea after studying the sometimes hectic lifestyles many people are having to cope with as they juggle jobs, family and other competing stresses.

“Sometimes people don’t have time to prepare meals, so they resort to convenience foods such as fast food that isn’t good for them,” Borovan says. “Our aim was to entice people to spend a little time in the kitchen preparing healthy, delicious meals.”

The plan is automated, he explains, so the client can create a plan choosing a range of dates within a 14-day calendar. Once the date range has been determined, they can create a meal plan for dinner or lunch for any days they wish.

“They get one week of recipes with pictures,” says Borovan. “The cost for a month of chef-developed recipes and grocery lists is $19.95 and is not an annual commitment.”

All the recipes in the database have been developed by Paul Routhier, a graduate of George Brown College who has worked in several high-end restaurants in Toronto as well as Halifax.

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