A Vancouver man and his son are holding a blanket donation drive next month with the goal of collecting as many as 10,000 for Vancouver-area shelters.

Since 2006, Greg Ould and his son Ben, 5, have been collecting surplus blankets and giving them to missions and shelters, all under the name Blanket B.C.

This year, they’ll be outside Canada Line stations on Dec. 4.

Ould said he hopes to collect 5,000 blankets on the first day and another 5,000 later.

The blanket drive started when Ould encountered a homeless man and asked if he could help.

“Basically his comment was, ‘All I need is a blanket to survive the night,’ and it was just that statement, to survive, that prompted me to help, and I have been helping ever since,” Ould said.

That year, 2006, he collected 5,000 blankets.

In 2007, Blanket B.C. collected 16,000.

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