DNA3’s model suite is proof positive that a smart urban design can have both looks and brains.


The cozy 630 square-foot, one-bedroom plus den model unit features a warm overall look and fearless use of darker colours by designer Anna Simone to create a design that feels memorable.


“The space is very urban and full of character. So often, you go into different models and even though they look lovely you don’t get a sense of energy about the space. We always try to have something in a model suite that people remember,” says Simone.


The contemporary kitchen features veneer cabinetry with Caesar Stone countertops and a glass backsplash, while the bedroom shows off a high-contrast look with a dark wood wall unit that commands the space.


Simone gave special attention to texture throughout the suite, both in a variety of materials and strategically placed lighting, rather than relying on specific colours to create visual interest.

“A lot of people think you achieve warmth with colour, but really most of it comes from texture and lighting. Light plays upon different textures to create an environment that emulates nature,” says Simone.