Calgary animal control officials are no longer worried about a rat infestation in a northeast neighbourhood.

Phil Merrill from the Alberta rat patrol inspected the area in Coventry Hills yesterday where officials had worried the rat was nesting after they believed they found a second rat.

“That turned out to be a large mouse,” said Merrill.

He said after looking at the site, “It appeared to be just a single rat made a home under a shed.”

Residents in the area have been asked to keep watch for the rodents and to keep away from two-dozen traps set out in the area.

Sheila Osuna lives in the neighbourhood.

“Rats terrify me … and I hope they can get them all,” Osuna said.

Animal control officers will continue to monitor the traps in the area for the next 10 days.

Nikeae Michalchuk oversees the rat control program for the animal services.

Michalchuk said all sightings are investigated immediately.

She said they get about 125 rat sightings a year. About 20 turn out to be rats.

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