Noel Fox and Megan Baxter raise a glass at the Donovan Life after-party at the Donovan showroom on Thursday.


Daylon Payne, left, Bart Brummund and Vanessa Briggs at the Donovan Life after-party.

Director Roger Evan Larry and star Crystal Bublé celebrate their web series Donovan Life at the show’s wrap party on Thursday at the Donovan’s downtown showroom.

Cho Lim, left, and new dad Ron Maitland enjoy the Vancouver Minglers get-together.

Mary Powell, left, Hugo Mousavi, one of the hosts of Paivand on Citytv, and Feri Joseph make a splash at the Canvas Lounge in Gastown.

Darwin Borason and Frances Hui on Valentine’s Day at Canvas Lounge.

Sery Ambrosio, left, Dennis Goodman and Ingrid Michelle Edmund at the Minglers party at Ceili’s Irish Pub on Thursday.

DJ Johnny D’Erico, left, and organizer Perry Lam hit the decks for Lam’s inaugural 1628 Promotions party at Video Monster in Gastown.

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