The provincial government has inked a deal with Ottawa to get British Columbia’s federal stimulus funds flowing — seven months after the cash became available.

Premier Gordon Campbell announced Thursday that B.C. will receive $244 million in infrastructure funding, to be matched by his government with an additional $233 million and more coming from municipalities.

B.C. has been eligible for about $1.2 billion in federal stimulus funding since February, but the province failed to reach a deal with Ottawa to get the cash in hand.

Earlier this month, Prime Minister Stephen Harper turned down Campbell’s request to change the funding formula, but the premier says a deal’s been reached and specific projects will be announced in the coming weeks.

Campbell says 174 new projects costing more than $719 million will be launched across B.C., mainly around roads, bridges and water systems.

The funding is expected to create 4,600 new jobs, with about 70 per cent of the money going to projects outside the Vancouver region.