Funding covers forestry, transit and policing

rafe arnott/metro vancouver


Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Premier Gordon Campbell stroll outside the premier’s office at Canada Place yesterday. The morning meeting saw a $250 million announcement in federal funds for the forestry industry, transit and policing in B.C.

« This those hit by layoffs and mill closures triggered by the U.S. market conditions. »

Prime Minister Stephen Harper joined Premier Gordon Campbell in Vancouver yesterday to announce the finalization of three funding initiatives to boost the province’s forestry industry, expand transit projects and improve policing efforts.

The funding represents British Columbia’s share of three national trusts, which will be divvied up among the provinces, Harper said during a speech to the Business Council of B.C.

The province’s $129 million share of the Community Development Trust will support a three-year plan to provide transition, skills training and new job opportunities for workers in the province’s floundering forestry industry.

"This will … help those hit by layoffs and mill closures triggered by U.S. market conditions or by natural disasters like the pine beetle infestation," Harper said.

Another $67 million, from the Public Transit Capital Trust Fund, will go toward the Evergreen Line rapid transit line that will connect Burnaby, Port Moody and Coquitlam to Vancouver.

The province will also receive $53.3 million from the new Police Officers Recruitment Trust to put more officers on the street to combat organized crime and gang violence. Campbell said the investments give provinces "the flexibility to tailor programs to their particular circumstances."

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