Feds unveil novel legal strategy in Loughner case

Jared Lee Loughner will be brought up on additional federal murder charges for each of the people he allegedly killed in Tucson in January.


In a novel legal strategy, a grand jury brought additional federal murder charges against accused spree shooter Jared Lee Loughner Friday. The charges, for murdering "participants at a federally-provided activity," mean that Loughner has now been charged in relation to all six deaths in the January 8 shooting.


Loughner had previously been charged in federal court for only two of the deaths, and for the attempted murders of federal employees wounded in the shooting, Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and two of staffers. Charges relating to the deaths and injuries to non-federal employees were presumed to have been brought by the state of Arizona.


Some observers think the Feds have overreached with the charges.


"You don't need to try and stretch it," George Washington University law professor told Talking Points Memo. "That is a really sweeping view of the federal law"

For more information about the charges, visit Talking Points Memo.

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