You are what you eat — and that’s as true for flowers as it is for people.

Getting the right nutrients to your plants is every bit as important as watering and ensuring that they get the right amount of sun. You can’t always control how much sunlight your garden gets, but improving your plant’s health is simply a matter making the commitment to feed your garden regularly.

“Our research shows that gardeners have a wide range of preferences regarding how, and how often, they want to feed their plants,” says Syd Pell, gardens specialist at Miracle-Gro. “That’s why we’ve created a wide range of simple-to-use, effective products to ensure that there is an option for every gardener.

Choose the plant food type that is right for your gardening needs.

Plant spikes are a simple solution for indoor plants. Insert a spike into the soil in your pot and the spike slowly dissolves, feeding your plant for up to two months.

Water-soluble plant foods are a very popular method to feed and water at the same time. Simply mix water-soluble plants food, such as Miracle-Gro Ultra Bloom in your watering can, and then shower your flowers with a nutrient-rich blend of plant food and water. Feed every two weeks for bigger, beautiful blooms.

For large planters and outdoor gardens, slow release plant foods such as Miracle-Gro Shake ’n’ Feed, offer a quick and easy way to feed flowering plants. Shake it right onto the soil and it will feed for up to three months, promoting healthy, beautiful flowers.

Recently introduced, the LiquaFeed plant feeding system from Miracle-Gro offers the ultimate in convenience. Simply attach the LiquaFeed sprayer to your garden hose, insert a bottle of Miracle-Gro liquid concentrate, and you can now water and feed your plants at the same time.

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