Girl, Get Your Credit Straight!

Author: Glinda Bridgeforth

Publisher: Broadway Books

Price: $24.95

** (out of 5)


Meet Deena, a woman with thousands of dollars in credit-card debt who continues to buy Prada shoes and dress her children like little fashionistas to make up for “self-esteem” issues.


Haven’t had your fill of ridiculous anecdotes just yet? Try reading through the entire collection found in Glinda Bridgforth’s book Girl, Get Your Credit Straight! — a self-help manual that openly targets African-American women trying to overcome credit debt.

To test your patience further, you will have to read piles of pop psychology reminiscent of the worst of daytime-television advice. For instance, you’ll be told to have a conversation with your debt and your credit and to analyze that conversation.

You’ll also be asked to have some kind of celebration — from lighting candles to running yourself a bubble bath — every time you need to pay a bill.

In your reading, you might learn upsetting new facts about managing your credit-card debt. For example, getting your hair and nails done is apparently not a priority when you owe thousands of dollars. Who knew?

If you can manage to survive through all this, you might get to some of the interesting and helpful parts of this book.

For instance, Bridgforth does tell her readers how to dispute a false credit report and how to negotiate with creditors. And readers in debt — the American ones, at least — will know their rights after reading this book.

But the most useful information in this book affects all women — whether they’re in debt or not.

This book gives good and simple financial advice for women in relationships. It highlights how important it is to talk money with your spouse or boyfriend, and it lets readers know how to avoid the financial trappings of cohabitation.

It’s just too bad this information is found in chapter six of this nine-chapter book — and that it’s followed by another Oprah minute about the power of healing through prayer, rituals and meditation.