Rob Feenie is one of Canada’s most acclaimed chefs. He is often called upon to represent Canada, travelling as an Ambassador for Canadian food products and wines. Chef Feenie has published three cookbooks, and in 2005 was the first Canadian to win on the popular television show, Iron Chef America.

Q What is your fondest memory from your family kitchen?
A Every Sunday night at my house growing up my mom did a roast. I loved everything about Sunday night dinner — the taste, smell and sense of family.

Q What kitchen aromas bring back fond memories?
A Waking up to the smell of cooking bacon on Saturday morning brings back memories of my childhood in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Q What is your favourite food to cook?
A I enjoy making comfort foods that appeal to my family. There are so many favourite dishes; home-made pastas, soups and roasts of all sorts, but especially chicken and prime rib.

Q Do you use cookbooks?
A I read and use cookbooks all the time. Right now my favourite is Mario Batali’s (Italian American chef, restaurateur, TV host) book Babbo.

Q How did the first meal you prepared turn out?
A The first meal I made alone was a disaster, thankfully my family forgave me and let me try again.
Q What kitchen gadgets can you not live without?
A I need to have my over-sized wood cutting board, a high quality whisk and a few good Japanese knives.

Q What rituals from your background involving food do you partake in?
A Food is all about family in my house. My mother taught me early on the most important ingredient is love. That is something I remember at work everyday.


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