The Loblaw grocery chain in Toronto begins charging customers 5 cents a plastic bag today and says “partial proceeds” from the fee will go to World Wildlife Fund-Canada.

The chain announced the ongoing donation yesterday but said it won’t reveal how much of the money goes to the conservation group until April, when its pay-for-plastic initiative goes nationwide.

Loblaw also introduced new signs in stores reminding shoppers to bring their own reusable bags and promotions including a sale on reusable bags.

The company also announced the bags shoppers get for a nickel will be extra thick and made from “plastic waste material.”

The city originally planned to force retailers to give customers a 10 cent refund if they brought their own bags but, after lobbying from the grocery industry and promises of donating partial bag revenues to environmental causes, councillors last month instead approved the mandatory five-cent fee for Toronto stores, effective June 1.

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