The llamas are no longer on the lam and the yak came back.

But few knew the animals had been roaming free in High Park just hours before.

Police were called to the Animal Paddocks in High Park around 1 a.m. yesterday, when an officer on patrol found several locks and chains broken and a fence cut and pried open, said Sgt. John Thibodeau.

A yak stayed close to its pen and was easily ushered back in, but the llamas took more effort. Police had to use the yellow caution tape typically used in crime scenes and food as bait to round them up and contain them. A wallaby was also safely corralled in the pre-dawn roundup.

The animals grazed on nearby trees until the zookeeper arrived at about 5 a.m. and herded the animals back into their pens, Thibodeau said.

All the animals are safe, zookeepers said.

Police are checking the tapes from surveillance cameras in hopes of catching the culprit or culprits.
The Canadian Press With files from Torstar News Service

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