The ferry service between P.E.I. and Nova Scotia needs a long-term funding deal with the federal government, says P.E.I. Liberal Charles McGeoghegan.

The MLA who sees the ferry operate in his riding made the remark in response to a motion he seconded for the province to continue to pursue a deal with Ottawa to keep the service alive.

McGeoghegan said 150 jobs are related to the Northumberland Ferries Limited service with a $30-million economic spinoff. “It’s something that we absolutely need for the eastern end of P.E.I. and we can’t let it go,” he said.

Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Ron MacKinley moved the motion in the legislature Wednesday, but it was not passed because there wasn’t enough time to wrap up the debate before the day ended.

McGeoghegan said there needs to be official support from the province on record, and the federal government needs to know how important the service is to P.E.I. He used Yarmouth as an example of a community that suffered after losing its ferry service.

MacKinley said without longer-term commitments from the federal government, businesses that would rely on the ferry for service aren’t able to put together the financial projections they need.