It’s a favourite topic among Canadians, and the weather is apparently a popular conversation piece for comedians, too.

“An unbelievable, unseasonably biblical torrent of rain,” was the way Whose Line Is It Anyways?’s Greg Proops decided to describe yesterday’s rain storm — or as he put it, ice pellets shattering his eyes.

“I didn’t know you were crustaceans here,” added the headliner at last night’s Hal!fax Comedy Fest’s Comedy All-Stars show at Casino Nova Scotia.


More than 500 packed the Schooner Showroom to see the red carpet traffic cop — he works the awards show with Joan and Melissa Rivers — and a half dozen other comedians.

“It’s all men. Me and six guys — just like God intended,” said Debra DiGiovanni. The Video On Trial regular hosted the event, which featured the likes of England’s John Moloney, The Late Show with David Letterman Show writer Rich Hall, and Celebrity Fit Club’s ANT.

“My mom isn’t happy with me being gay,” said ANT, adding that his Greek mother is very traditional. “She tells me there are no gay Greeks,” he continued, saying he pointed out to her that Socrates, Plato and Achilles were all gay.

“She tells me ‘Achilles wasn’t gay.’ Mom, he broke a heel and died. That is gay.”

Another popular topic last night was the upcoming election in the United States, especially the Democratic ticket.

Last Comic Standing winner Alonzo Bodden admitted he had difficulties deciding between Barack Obama — “a brother” – and Hillary Clinton — “a white woman.”

“Barack has Oprah. How the hell are you going to beat Oprah? She has people who can’t read buying books.”

A hit during the evening was Toronto’s Greg Morton, who had the whole room laughing with his take on the way children cry, and his retelling of the entire original Star Wars trilogy — he did it in the voices of some of the characters —­ in less than three minutes


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