Whether it’s wandering an art gallery or taking in a play, there is something romantic about spending an evening enjoying the arts, and perhaps gaining a few creative ideas for a little artistic expression later on.


But art, like dating, takes on many forms and soon there may be a few new sources of creative outlets and date ideas.


The first Luminato arts festival lights up the city this Friday until June 10.


“It is the biggest multi-disciplinary arts event that has been launched in North America in years,” says Janice Price, CEO of Luminato.


The festival is filled with hundreds of artists coming together in various forms from all over the world.

For Price, what is really wonderful about Luminato is its number of free events. “And not in the face-painting, carnival kind of way,” adds Price. “They are very highly curated, professional work that will happen for free in public spaces and theatres.” And best part of all, many of them make for great dates.

If you’re looking to infuse a little lovin’ into an afternoon date, head to Yorkville on Saturday. The area will be transformed back to 1967 — the Summer of Love. “This is like the quintessential, how could it miss as a date,” says Price. “The theme of (the whole event is love).” The day will feature a free concert, with artists like the Majestics and Sylvia Tyson, and a flower-power costume competition.

If you are more of a nocturnal dater, take a stroll up to 100 Queen’s Park to the ROM on Saturday. Sure, you can see the museum any time, but not at 2 a.m. After the official opening of Luminato, with

Daniel Libeskind’s addition to the ROM, the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, as the backdrop to the opening ceremonies, the ROM will stay open to the public all night, for free.

For those who enjoy the water, Price recommends boarding L’Art Boat. The free ferry takes participants from the Harbourfront to the Distillery District, while they watch the city skyline and buskers provide entertainment.