Nearly 1,500 parking permits will be stripped from Mount Royal College students, and their replacement stalls could end up costing more.

Stefan Durston, manager of parking and transportation services at the college, said Mount Royal is cutting 380 open lot stalls to build a 1,200-stall parkade, and two permit lots are being changed to day lots — upping the cost to students.

“There’s higher value to (stalls in) this facility than open lots,” said Durston.

Durston did say he does anticipate the cost to park in the future parkade will be more expensive than that of open lots.

“I think it sucks, it was hard enough to find a parking spot there anyways,” said Branden Nadeau, a student attending the college this fall.

Parking prices will also be increasing this upcoming school year as the college introduces a new three-tier system.

There will be general permit lots and those lots will be broken into three categories: parkade, gated lots and open lots, said Durston. Students were paying $104 for open lot permits each semester last school year; this year open lot permits will cost $180 per semester, gated lot permits will cost $260 per semester and parkade parking will cost $360 per semester, said Durston.

Nadeau said he doesn’t think it’s fair, but is still going to get a permit because he needs to get to work quickly from school.

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