While it means there will be no actual layoffs, there will still be fewer teachers this year than last, say Calgary Board of Education officials after a cash injection from the provincial government.

The Alberta conservatives announced Wednesday the province will fund the 2.92 per cent increase in teachers’ pay for the 2010/11 school year— worth about $66 million —and Calgary Board of Education board chair Pat Cochrane is applauding the move.

“We’re very pleased. It does put us on more solid footing,” she said, adding it’s easier to “add” to an existing budget than take away from one.

“No teachers who currently have a contract will be laid off, but won’t be able to do any new hires, either,” Cochrane said.

The CBE is still relying on retirements to make up for the 192 possible job losses for the 2010/11 school year, she added, and the board is not sure how exactly the money will be put to use but said it will help balance the books.

Catholic School Board officials said while they are in a different position than the CBE, they will still be losing the same number of teachers as before, though they will have a more balanced budget.

Education Minister Dave Hancock said on Wednesday the move should mean no layoffs for teachers or support staff, but Cochrane said the CBE is still working with support staff to determine their fate.

“It’s a complicated situation,” she said.

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