High risk Calgarians will be given the priority at a fifth vaccination station opening this morning at the Olympic Oval, according to health officials.

The announcement comes after Alberta health minister Ron Liepert apologized to thousands of Albertans who had to wait in line up to six hours on Monday for the vaccination.

“To those Albertans who lined up (Monday) for several hours I would express my apologies for having to wait in line,” Liepert said.

“One of our greatest concerns was that ... far too many people would not take this seriously. Obviously, Albertans have.”

The fifth H1N1 vaccination clinic for Calgary is located on the 2nd floor of the Olympic Oval and will specifically serve pregnant women, children younger than 10, seniors and accompanying family members, according to Alberta Health Services.

The news comes as a relief to Calgarians though some reported lineups only lasted an hour at some stations yesterday since officials stopped administering the seasonal flu shot at the same clinics as the H1N1.

“I was surprised. I even brought the kids swimming gear just in case we didn’t have time to make it home but we were out in less than an hour,” mother Erica Robinson said.

There will also be the addition of 15 vaccination stations within the existing clinics today, totalling 127 vaccination stations throughout the city.
with files from Canadian Press

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