Re: "Mysterious illness explained," May 7:


The diagnoses of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome seem to be conveniently given when there does not appear to be another answer.


These diagnoses, however, do not address potential underlying causes — they describe symptoms/syndromes and not an actual disease state.


It is unfortunate that many seem willing to accept this and the fact that "the recovery process can be painfully slow" and often never complete.


If this is the diagnosis an individual has been given I would urge them to request further investigations. One consideration would be Borrelia burgdorferi (better known as Lyme disease) — but good luck finding a doctor willing to consider, diagnose and treat!

There is a very real bias in the medical profession, the media and the government in admitting that LD is here in Canada.

But it is — I know this personally through affected family members and people we have met through a GTA support group.

They have all been given these same two diagnoses (fibro and CFS) and have fought for a better diagnosis and treatment.