I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Oprah for the new season of "Super Soul Sunday," her Emmy-winning show that guides viewers through heightening their happiness while they're still in their Sunday PJs. The Daily Love's Mastin Kipp and Marie Forleo, the founder of the Rich, Happy & Hot B-School, accompanied me for a segment on next-generation thought-leaders, airing this coming Sunday at 11 a.m.


Sitting next to Oprah for this hour-long interview, I was able to understand the magnitude of her mission. I experienced firsthand how lit up she becomes when she's talking about spirituality and God. Oprah is on a mission to wake up the masses to their inner strength and power.


Throughout the segment, we talked about our own personal faith and the shifts in the world. These days there's no lack of chaos. We agreed that what the world needs now more than ever is time for sacred connections and heightened conversation. Oprah has created the space for these connections with "Super Soul Sunday." Each Sunday, people across the country gather to watch the show and engage in a social media frenzy of love.


You can create your own Super Soul Sunday by spending time in stillness. Taking time for stillness allows you to tap into your soul. Turn off your phone and linger just a little bit longer in your bed. Drink your morning tea and tune into yourself rather than jumping to the next task. Later, have some friends over to watch the episode and discuss it.

Gabby's tips


Why it's important to take your own Super Soul time on Sundays:

1. You spend time with like-minded friends.
Oprah has been encouraging people to host "Super Soul Sunday" parties, and I love this concept. Rather than chow down a caloric brunch and gossip with your friends, you now have an opportunity to gather around an uplifting conversation. Get together with the folks who want to raise their thoughts and energy.


2. You engage in a positive conversation. When we engage with enlightening content, we're always uplifted. These days there's so much negative messaging that it's important to balance the negativity with authentically positive information.

3. You have something positive to share at the water cooler on Monday.
Let's face it: We all need more positive stuff to talk about at work. Thanks to your weekend soul time, you'll become the guru of the office by sharing what you've learned each Sunday morning -- lessons and ideas that people of all faiths and backgrounds can appreciate and relate to.

It's time to commit to a new conversation. Gather your friends, pick out your best pajamas and throw a party this Sunday. Wake up with a positive attitude and let your inner guide lead the way.

— Gabrielle Bernstein is the author of “Spirit Junkie.”

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