Daffodil Days kicks off in city

robin kuniski/for metro calgary


Sara Mousa arranges some of the hundreds of daffodils for sale at Daffodil Mountain at Bow Valley Square yesterday. The sale kicked off Daffodil Days, the Canadian Cancer Society’s leadup to Cancer Awareness Month in April.

« If we all work together to fight against it (cancer), then it won’t be a problem anymore.»

There’s nothing inherently mystical or medicinal about daffodils, but for Julene Warren, there may be when imbued with the nostalgia of hope.

Warren, a revenue development co-ordinator for the Canadian Cancer Society, said the daffodils’ ability to raise awareness and funds to help combat the disease and support those with it, is astonishing.

With a target of raising $180,000, Warren and the Canadian Cancer Society kicked off Daffodil Days with the Daffodil Mountain, a precursor to April’s Cancer Awareness Month, yesterday at Bow Valley Square.

To reach their goal, they’ll have to peddle more than a quarter-million of the distinct yellow blooms.

"We go through thousands and thousands of bunches," Warren said, adding she first got involved with the society when, at the urging of her uncle who was dying of colon cancer, her mother had a check-up that revealed she had it, too.

"That saved her life," said Warren, surrounded by thousands of bundles of the flowers.

For more than five decades, the daffodil has proved to be an important tool in the Canadian Cancer Society’s fundraising bag of tricks, and Sara Mousa, in her first year selling them, said she just hopes for a day when cancer no longer touches the lives of everyone she knows in some manner.

"If we all work together to fight against it, then it won’t be a problem anymore," she said.


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