CRA website available for taxes this year



The Internet continues to bring time-savings and cost-efficiency into the workplace. For tax preparers and professionals, you can file your clients’ returns electronically with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). All you have to do is register and file. Take a look at the benefits of using electronic filing services:


  • Ease of use: No special equipment or hook-ups are required. All you need is an Internet connection.

  • Time and money savings: No need to print, collate, or mail paper returns and forms.

  • Instant confirmation: As legal proof of submission, the CRA will provide you with immediate confirmation of receipt and a unique reference code once your electronic return has been successfully transmitted.

  • Faster processing: Fastest way to get refunds to your clients. Most electronically filed returns are processed in as little as eight business days.

  • More accurate filing: There is less chance of error because the CRA processes exactly what you send.

  • Security and confidentiality: The CRA website uses the most secure form of encryption commonly available in North America.

  • Technical support: The CRA provides technical information on electronic filing on its website, or you can call the CRA’s Help Desk toll free for assistance.

You have a choice of three electronic filing options: EFILE OnLine, which allows you to transmit one T1 return at a time; EFILE On-Line Plus, a broader service that offers batch filing of up to 60 T1 returns at a time; and Corporation Internet Filing for T2 returns. These electronic services require EFILE certified tax preparation software. To make the whole experience paperless, encourage your clients to make their payments electronically through their financial institution's Internet or telephone banking service. For more information on how to register for EFILE, visit


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