MTV to import U.K. reality show The Virgin Diaries

Is porn star Jenna Jameson being sought by The Virgin Diaries? That’s what entertainment blog PopBitch reports.


CHERRY-POPPIN’ TV: MTV is importing The Virgin Diaries, an MTV UK show that was the scandal of the week when it aired over there. According to the British website, the show follows “the lives of 10 young adults between the ages of 16 and 18 as they contemplate sex, sexuality, and their own virginity. Filmed over a period of three months, the diaries follow the young people during this pivotal period in their lives as they go on emotional journeys of self-discovery.”

“Wow. Sounds hideous,” was the comment on’s Scanner sex and hotness blog. Couldn’t agree more – in a normal world, teen sexuality should be fascinating to teens only, while for the rest of us, having left our teen years and /or our virginity behind, the only sane reaction should be a wince and a quick turn of the head, the normal reflex when confronted with a bad memory.

The U.S. version is already in production, apparently, according to the PopBitch entertainment blog: “Teens are being auditioned in Los Angeles and New York to lose their virginity on screen. It's brought to you by the man behind Paris Hilton's home sex tape and he's trying to get porn star Jenna Jameson involved.” Which makes it sound even classier, don’t you think? No?

The wonder is that there are parents who allow their children to take part in something like this; putting aside the double standard where a male loses his virginity as a matter of duty, even function (I’ve been saying for years that James At 16 was going to be remade), is it possible that a parent could spend years nurturing a child, and then abandon them to the prodding, prurient gaze of TV cameras at one of the most emotionally vulnerable periods in their life?

The question, unfortunately, answers itself. Which reminds me – with ten years till my oldest daughter is in high school, I have just enough time to hit the gym, get some evil facial tattoos, and start a really impressive collection of automatic weapons.

The BBC is producing a reality series based on the Harry Potter books, which will feature children competing with each other to learn “card tricks, Latin spells and illusions” under the tutelage of “magic mentors,” according to a story on the BBC News web site.

The show, to be called The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, will air later this year, and will feature a morning show companion program to teach kids magic tricks. It will be hosted by Barney Harwood, the host of Totally Doctor Who, a companion show to the BBC’s new Doctor Who series. I expect protests from the Christian Film and Television Commission and the Parents Television Council the moment somebody decides to air it here or adapt it for North American audiences; I’ve long since despaired that either group has learned to pick its battles more carefully. (See above.)

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