There are two areas where students can need help with their schoolwork: help with specific subjects and help with study skills.

The learning centre at your school likely has resources for both.

Community College of Philadelphia, for instance, has tutoring available on all its campuses. Dr. Megan Fuller, an assistant professor in the Learning Labs explains, “We have full-time faculty, non-student tutors who have either associate’s or bachelor’s degrees and peer tutors who have successfully taken the class they’re tutoring.”

These staffers provide both one-on-one tutoring and group sessions that meet once a week or more. Students are welcome to check out both to see what works from them.


“If you aren’t getting what you need from a tutor, don’t just give up, ask to see someone else,” Fuller says.

“Contact your school to see what services and resources are available,” says Nancy Mott, director of learning support services at Villanova University.

“Don’t wait until the last minute,” Fuller agrees. “If you’re having problems, come in and let us help you find the solution that works for you.”

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