Forget the clothes, the real local personality of each city’s street style lies in the accessories:


Arm candy: The classic Louis Vuitton monogrammed canvas seems to be the popular way to accessorize that glam Milanese style. We’ve seen variations of the LV bag on gray-haired ladies who lunch, teenage trust fund babies and seasoned fashion types alike.

The wheels: Italy is home to some of the best bicycle brands in the world including Bianchi and Cinelli, to name a few. That said, don’t even think about taking to the streets without a sleek ride, preferrably with a straw basket.

The toes know: While the idea of rocking stilettos on a cobblestone street would make most women balk, the Milanese do it with true skill. Not to say their feet don’t kill them afterward. They just hide the pain well.

Arm candy: Status bags are still having a moment in Par-ee. But all Balenciagas satchels aside, the real must-have accessory to keep dangling from the crook of your arm is a motorbike helmet. Nothing screams rock ’n’ roll chic like this. Added bonus: when you put the helmet on for a ride and then take it off, you’ve got that effortlessly cool Parisian bed head thing going.

The wheels: Motorbikes, duh. See the section above.

The toes know: Brogues are still as big as ever. And no one works them in as many ways as the French do — with skinny jeans, floaty dresses, jumpsuits and harem pants, the list goes on.

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