When Moe Brody was a kid, she was put into every kind of dance class you can imagine: tap, jazz, musical theatre.

But when her parents got divorced, dance got pushed to the wayside.

“It seemed to fade into the background,” said Brody. “I fell into a new group of friends and my dance teachers had moved on, so dance just left me.”

Dance re-emerged when she took a job in marketing for a roller hockey league and her colleagues suggested she hold auditions for dancers. The dancers turned out to be old friends, one of which even offered her a class to teach at Harbour Dance Centre.

After taking dance classes as an adult, Brody now specializes in lyrical and contemporary jazz, street jazz, hip-hop and tap.

One of her students, Ashley Prufer, also hopes to make dance a career one day.

Prufer,19, and originally from Whitecourt, Alta., has been taking classes since she was five-years-old. She has been dancing for 14 years.

“Dance started off as a fun activity and has turned into something I would love to do it as a career,” she said.

“I enjoy dance because it makes me feel beautiful and it challenges me physically, mentally and emotionally.

“I still have a lot of development to do and a lot of auditions to go to before it becomes a career,” she added.

Brody advised that those interested in pursuing a dance career should have talent, personality and a wide range of training that can quickly build up your resume, and that’s where Harbour Dance Centre comes in.

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