Empowering, enlightening, inspiring, uplifting — those are just some of the descriptive words from those who attended the Power Within conference for women yesterday at the Telus Convention Centre.

Focused on finding the power within women to achieve, the event brought in over 3,000 attendees.

Salim Khoja, president of Power Within and who founded the company eight years ago, said that while men have their sports, women don’t often have those kinds of networks and he wants women to develop those peer-to-peer connections.


“At the end of the day if they can realize they can accomplish what they set their mind to, we feel successful,” said Khoja, who hopes launch a similar convention for teens in the fall.

Diana Hawryluk, who attended the seminar with two of her staff, said she feels it’s important for women to gather and get uplifting talks at times and to feel empowered.

“They (the speakers) gave me different outlooks,” she said. “We do have to be blessed for waking up in the morning.”

The speakers included Karen Hughes, former advisor for President Bush, Alison Lavigne, who has conquered Mount Everest, and Loretta LaRoche, an international stress management consultant who uses humour to manage stress in the workplace.

If you weren’t able to snag one of the $229 tickets, videos of and blogs from the speakers can be found at www.powerofwomen.com.

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