Renowned author to inspire Calgary to think positive

Gaye Gerard/Getty Images


Dr. John Demartini, inspirational speaker

Salvaging a shred of light from the depths of despair and darkness, Dr. John Demartini has made a living accentuating the need for humanity to put a positive spin on their perceptions of reality.

“The world is how you perceive it,” Demartini said.

“It’s not what happens to us, it’s how we decide to perceive it and then act upon it.”

Even the death of a loved one, getting fired from a job, a car accident, some of the perceived worst things that an individual may encounter can still be spun in a positive manner, Demartini said.

Maybe not immediately, but one day, a week, a year, five years later, an agonizing event may prove the catalyst for the greatness of today, Demartini said.

All it takes is opening ones value-system up to outside interpretations.

That’s the kind of message Demartini, an inspirational speaker and author of more than 40 books will set forth at the Breakthrough Experience with Dr. Bruce Hoffman Saturday and Sunday at the Westin Hotel.

“Your growth process is how many challenges you can transform into opport-unity,” Demartini said “And it’s me embracing of all of it and feeling fulfilled and appreciative of all of it that’s the secret of gratefulness.”

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