The motto “change your bra, change your life” is written between curvy brackets on the wall of lingerie boutique Intimacy. And anyone who’s had to lift her strapless nine gazillion times during a party or (for shame!) had the dreaded double boob knows the significance of this.

“A bra can change a woman’s self-image as well as her shape and give her more confidence,” assures founder Susan Nethero, whose business card reads “the bra whisperer.”

“We kid around, but we’re very serious about [fit],” says Nethero.

And insuring you get the correct fit is what separates Intimacy from mass lingerie retailers. Since not every woman is the “average size” of 34B, Intimacy is stocked with over 90 sizes ranging from 30A through 52H. And because most unknowingly wear the wrong size bra, a trained sales associate — who has passed a two-week intensive bra boot camp — dedicates 30 minutes in the fitting room with each customer making sure you get the perfect support (and cleavage). Yes, looking sexy is for all shapes and sizes, too.


At Intimacy, which carries 15,000 bras, there are also some pretty lacy, non- grandma numbers for you.

And if you still can’t find your size? They’ll alter your bras for free. Now that’s some girl power.

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