It’s far from conventional, but some people with very conventional professions in health care have turned to colour consulting to improve their well-being.

Susanne Murphy, a senior colour consultant at Colour Energy in Vancouver, said she has psychiatrists, doctors and even acupuncturists as clients.

She will be at the 2009 Vancouver Psychic and Healing Show at the Roundhouse Mews in Yaletown today.

Murphy uses a German system called the biopulsar reflexograph, which measures the body’s dynamics through the hand and provides a reading of the body’s energy levels — which are depicted through colour.

“I call myself an energy lifestyle coach,” she said.

Murphy claims she can determine a person’s energy imbalances such as an imbalance in the upper arms or shoulders, which could reflect physical ailment like back pain, or a spiritual issue like a feeling of being burdened.

Once imbalances are determined, Murphy said she and the client analyze what lifestyle changes can be made to improve their well-being.

“You are what you resonate and your lifestyle choices will affect your energy,” Murphy said.

“I see this as a tool to give you a base line of understanding of who you are, because sometimes the hardest thing to view is yourself.”

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