Do you ever feel stuck in your life? The same thing happened to Dr. Susan Biali. At 28, she was beautiful, smart, thin, highly accomplished … and totally miserable.


Dr. Biali had spent 11 years in university, earned a medical degree, and was working on an emergency medicine residency in Vancouver. These accomplishments pleased others, but not herself. She sank into depression.


When she finally took a break from medicine, she realized what she really wanted to do with her life: flamenco dancing and writing. Sound crazy? So what! After much soul-searching and hard work, Dr. Biali has put her dreams into action: She’s now not only a doctor, but also a professional flamenco dancer and writer.


“Anything is possible and amazing things happen when you take small steps that honour a dream or passion,” Dr. Biali tells Metro.

She has written a book to inspire others, called Live a Life You Love. It charts seven steps to a healthier, happier and more passionate you.

Her advice? If you want to change your life for the better, don’t listen to the non-believers. “If you dream of doing something, go for it,” Dr. Biali writes.

Here are the seven steps that helped Dr. Susan Biali turn her life around, and which she believes can lead to better health and happiness:

  1. Let yourself be you. So many of us walk around pretending to be someone we're not, in order to fit in or please others. That's an extraordinarily stressful way to live.

  2. Learn to love yourself. Take good care of yourself as a primary priority; others must come second or eventually you'll be useless to them.

  3. Learn to listen to your body. Pay attention to changes in your body, that through illness or symptoms, might be asking you to make changes in your life and schedule. Feed yourself healthy foods.

  4. Don't get sucked into drama and negativity in relationships. Focus on doing what you need to do and don’t try to change others.

  5. Get a life! Give yourself permission to play more, no matter what anyone else thinks.

  6. Make room for the divine. Find a way to get quiet on your own on a regular basis in order to unplug from the craziness of everyday life.

  7. Make “someday” today. Do something today, however small, to keep a promise to yourself or fulfill a dream. You'll enjoy an immense sense of relief, and a surge of self-esteem.

Tips on how to eat healthier

We all struggle with food choices. We want to eat healthier. We know how, but we’re tempted by delicious treats. Dr. Susan Biali is a medical doctor with a degree in dietetics. Here are her simple tips for healthier eating:

  • Eat breakfast. You’ll eat less later.

  • Make small substitutions. For instance, if your breakfast now is a white bagel heaped with butter and jam, switch to a multigrain bagel with half the amount of butter and a healthier jam.

  • Eliminate or decrease sugary drinks.

  • Eat regularly throughout the day. When you avoid getting ravenously hungry, you are less likely to binge-eat.

  • Just add one more serving of fruits and vegetables to what you normally eat in a day.

  • Eat balanced quantities of good protein (fish, chicken, legumes), healthy fats (extra virgin olive oil) and healthy carbohydrates (brown rice)