Getting ticketed by the red rocket will sting your pocket thanks to increased fees for public transit users who don’t ride by the rules.

Starting yesterday, infractions like smoking on TTC property, holding subway doors open to cram on as the chimes sound, or putting your feet on streetcar seats will be punished with $195 fines, up from $95.

“We’re not out there headhunting or hiding behind bushes to catch people smoking” said TTC spokesperson Kevin Carrington.

“We’re trying to cut down on these problems that affect services and cause delays.”

The emphasis will be on educating riders first, said Carrington, who admitted many may not even realize putting your feet up breaks transit bylaws.

In 2008 the TTC’s 90 special constables, many who work on TTC vehicles in plain clothes, working with some 40 police officers, issued 5,000 tickets.

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