Firefighters were called to a home in north-end Halifax yesterday to battle a suspected chimney fire that threatened the second floor of a residence and adjoining homes.

Halifax Regional Fire Platoon Chief Gary McCurdy said firefighters received reports of a potential chimney fire at 5683 Woodill St. at approximately 11:50 a.m.

The home is connected to another property, and is situated very close to another.

“Our concern was that the fire was going to be trapped into the ceiling and it was going to move into the adjoining unit,” McCurdy said. “We were trying to prevent that from happening ... (by) trying to confine it to the unit of origin.”

McCurdy said damage to the property was minimal, and mostly caused by firefighters’ efforts to contain the blaze, which took a little over an hour.

“(It’s) a little early at this point,” he said as to the possible cause. “It’s an older home, the chimney is also older, so there’s a possibility that (the fire) may have gotten out from the mortar, from the liner of bricks into the neighbouring structure.”

There was no damage to adjoining units, and no one was injured.