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Fed by winter winds, fire rips into eight homes in Woodhaven, Queens

Blaze hits as fighting stubborn fires in Philly and Boston also hindered by high winds.

More than 170 firefighters responded to a devastating wind-whipped fire that tore through a row of wood frame houses in Woodhaven, Queens, officials said Thursday morning.

In all, the four-alarmer damaged eight homes and sent two kids and three adults to the hospital.

Seven firefighters were also injured, while battling the stubborn blaze, which quickly spread through the attached homes. There were no fatalities.

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Residents described the frantic moments running door-to-door Wednesday night to make sure their neighbors and pets got out safely.

As in other fires up and down the East Coast, including a house fire in Lowell, Mass. and an apartment complex in Philly, winds and cold weather made first responders’ jobs more difficult, and spread the flames.

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Winds were gusting up to 25 mph at the time of the fire, which started just after 8 p.m.

Fire in Bath Beach home injures child
Elsewhere, a fire at 8796 19th Ave. in Bath Beach, Brooklyn, left a young child in serious condition, 1010 WINS is reporting.

The third-floor fire was called in at 7:30 p.m. and was under control two hours later, the FDNY indicated on Twitter.

The child was treated at the scene before taken to the hospital.

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