Firefighters don't just save kittens from trees: They save them from burning homes and revive them, too. Firefighter Cory Kalanick of Fresno, Calif., was searching through a burning apartment when he found the unconscious kitten on the floor in June. He took the kitten outside and gave the tiny creature oxygen and cool water: Watch as the little kitty comes back to life and shakes off the water.


Kalanick captured the action on his helmet cam and took the kitten - named "Lucky - to the local chapter of the S.P.C.A. for emergency treatment, reported local news station CBS47.


Sadly, Lucky did not survive and died from lung damage. Still, there is a silver lining to the story: Fresno firetrucks are now equipped with pet oxygen masks, thanks to a generous Fresno community member. The oxygen mask used in the video was meant for children, and the pet masks are more suitable for dogs and cats and boast a better fit.