Calgary firefighters helped a family welcome their newborn daughter into the world, as the eager babe forced a roadside delivery Wednesday afternoon.

Two firefighters were dispatched to 144 Avenue and Centre Street North around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon after a call came in about an imminent child birth, according to the fire deparment.

The rescue truck arrived to find a car on the side of the road with a woman inside who firefighters said was within minutes of giving birth. The firefighters, along with the father, began preparing for the baby's delivery.

The woman was about to be put in the back of the fire truck to give birth when a second fire truck and ambulance arrived, and she was relocated to the ambulance for the delivery.

A female firefighter, Shalee Stair, assisted medics with the delivery and clamping of the umbilical cord.

Calgary fire department spokesperson Jeff Budai said it was unique for a woman firefighter to be involved in the call, as the vast majority of past baby delivery calls have been attended by male firefighters.

"It definitely increases the comfort level for the mom having another female," Budai said.

The baby girl was delivered and transported to hospital with the family. The Calgary Fire is proud to congratulate the family on their new addition.

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