Firefighters remained on the scene Thursday in the Middle Porters Lake area after a Tuesday brush fire forced the evacuation of 34 homes along West Porters Lake Road.

No homes were damaged in the fire that recalled a blaze in an area just slightly southeast of this one, which occurred two years and two days before. Residents were allowed back into their homes by Tuesday night.

“We are still continuing in our mop-up stage, and we’re starting to pull some of our remaining equipment off the line,” said Dave Steeves, a forest resources technician for Nova Scotia’s Department of National Resources. “We’re going to continue in a monitoring process for at least the next day.”

Though Thursday’s damp, cooler conditions assisted in the removal of possible hotspots that could reignite a fire, Steeves added that “anything helps, to be honest.” He also remarked that weather patterns are naturally inconsistent.

He declined to put a timeline on the process.

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