Spa Party offers spa treatments to private and corporate groups.


Work can be stressful, but Spa Party may have the solution. The company offers spa treatments to private and corporate groups.


Founder Rob Weingust was inspired to start his own spa company while working in the meeting and events industry. Corporate groups he worked with always wanted the same two things: golf and spa treatments.

But booking a large group for spa treatments was an impossible mission, he said.

“You’d call up a spa and say, ‘listen, I’ve got 50 people who want to come to the spa.’ And there would always be a long pause … and it never really worked out,” he said.

Spa Party started in 2004 and has been in high demand ever since.

“Companies are realizing that it’s important to do something nice for their employees,” he said.

Employers also reap the benefits from organizing group spa treatments for any occasion, he said.

“The company gets a lot of benefits because their employees are happy and healthy and (rested). And of course, employees love it because it’s fun and it feels good.”

Plus the spa comes to your workplace.

“We go to them…that’s what makes it really convenient as well,” Weingust said.

“Depending on their budget, we will transform their space… If the budget is really big, we will work with a decor company and really recreate their space.”

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