Name: David Smith Jr

Occupation: Human Cannonball

Performing: Canadian National Exhibition, Aug. 18 to Sept. 4

Metro: What was your first job, and what did you learn from it that you are still using today?

“My very first job, even before I started working in the family business was at the International House of Pancakes. The lesson that I learned there that has stayed with me to this day is that you do whatever it takes to keep the customers happy. They are my No. 1 priority. The customer ensures the survival of the company and your job. When I stand atop my cannon before each performance, that is what goes through my mind. Shortly after the job at IHOP, I started working in the family business as a rigger in a circus. This is where I learned to overcome my fear of heights and how to make a seemingly impossible stunt possible and very safe.”

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