Rock Island Cafe
6293 Quinpool Road, Halifax

Rating: ***
Signature Drink: Dark ’n Stormy
Signature Dish: Bermuda Fishcakes
Dinner & drinks for 2: $50

Rock Island is a colourful café, a few steps below street level, with bright photos of Bermuda and four large television screens. There is also the fastest moving server I’ve seen in this town — knowledgeable and personable, he’s a gem.

I once enjoyed a tasty chicken soup here. This time my pal and I share Bermuda Fishcakes ($8). This mix of salt cod, potatoes and onion, with an accompanying mayo, proves to be our favourite dish — crisp on the outside, they are scrumptious.

Chicken Roti ($12 with salad) is a large tortilla shell stuffed with plenty of chick peas and potato and not enough chicken. It surprisingly lacks spice.

The evening special is a Shrimp Pasta ($10), fettuccine in a cream sauce with cocktail shrimp and bits of broccoli. It also needs more flavour.

For dessert we share the Bermuda Bomber Dark Chocolate Molten Cake ($5). Buried under a large scoop of vanilla ice cream, the cake is rubbery and bombs with us.

We leave wishing the food were as impressive as our stellar server.

Dining out

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