Fusion is a word we often hear in reference to food, music, clothing and a plethora of other things. One thing we often don’t associate with fusion, however, is fitness — but that may change.

Larry Track, owner of Track Fitness in Forest Hill Village, has dedicated his life to studying and practising various fitness training techniques. He’s travelled across North America and spent time training and learning in some of the most innovative fitness hubs in the world. Now, he’s come up with an innovative new training technique he calls Circuit 60.

“I came up with this idea over time,” he said. “During my travels through New York and Los Angeles, I saw what was going on and pieced it together to come up with something everybody can use.”

Track’s Circuit 60 training program is something that is beneficial for those interested in embarking on a new, active lifestyle, right up to fitness freaks who are looking for new ways to push their body to the limits.

The program is a 60-minute nonstop workout that incorporates cardiovascular activity with various exercises. Exercises include work with weights, ropes, elastics and even your own body to produce a well-rounded workout. What makes it neat is that no two workouts will ever be the same.

“Every time you walk in, you don’t know what you’re going to get,” said Track. “Muscle memory can’t kick in with this.”

Regardless of your fitness level, Track says he and his team can accommodate anyone to produce maximum results. When people sign up for the program they do so either as walkers, joggers or runners, which allows for different intensity levels that are geared towards individual needs.

Circuit 60 is just one of the programs Track offers at his 4,000 square-foot facility. He also offers spin classes, weight training, dietary advice, health food options and a number of other services that all go towards promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Track doesn’t allow people to come in and use the weights on their own; every workout must be done with a trainer. This helps to keep things moving quickly, while giving customers exactly what they’re looking for from their workout. It’s especially accommodating to people who may be intimidated by a bigger, warehouse-style gym.

“I love those gyms,” says Track. “There’s a great energy. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re lost.”

The philosophy at the studio is to keep it simple: Treadmills, weights and spin classes. Track doesn’t want to get on some fitness trend that is here today and gone tomorrow. He says by fusing the most simple and basic exercise tools, he’s come up with a revolutionary training program that is unique to his studio.