Q: I have been interested in modeling for some time now and as an African-Canadian man of West Indian background, I find it hard to fit into the standard “male model” role. I’m also a little on the shorter side and rather muscular. Are there any outlets for guys like me who are interested in both modeling for fashion, but also in fitness modeling?



A: Thanks for writing in Marcus! You are right, most models aren’t as built as fitness models and this does impact the type and amount of assignments you can get.


On your own you should be checking out fitness and modeling magazines as these have tons of resources for those starting out. Place some cold calls or visit modeling agencies on their open call days (specific hours when anyone can simply ‘walk in’ with their portfolio in hopes of being signed by the agency) and, of course, begin to research agency representation.


On the note of agency representation, be careful of anyone who promises to make you the next greatest thing over night.

Make the Acting Modeling Information Service (www.amisontario.com) your first stop!

This organization was developed in 1995 in response to all the fraud people chasing their modeling and acting dreams were suffering at the hands of illegal agents and scam artists.

There is an upcoming event I think you should attend though. The Mr. Caribbean International Canada contest is taking place in August this year. The contest and show features African-Caribbean men of all ages displaying talent, poise, public speaking, and, of course, their physique. Check out www

mrcaribbeaninternational.comfor the inside scoop.

From what I’ve heard there is a lot of networking to do there with potential agents, sponsors and local and international celebrities from the industry. I’d be sure to talk business cards as well.

Good luck Marcus.

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