Friday’s vote at city council on the ratification of the contract for CUPE Locals 416 and 79 is dividing council along pro-Miller and anti-Miller lines. It could be close, and a handful of councillors who are politically neutral will be the key. Here are five councillors to watch:

1- Mark Grimes: In 2007, the Etobicoke councillor played a key role behind the scenes helping to forge a compromise over implementation of Mayor David Miller’s land transfer tax.

2- Suzan Hall: This Etobicoke councillor proved she’s not afraid to take on the mayor when she actively worked to delay the implementation of the land transfer tax. Yesterday, she said she hasn’t decided on the union deal and wants to see the details of the deal, but hinted changes could be afoot.

3- Paul Ainslie: A council loner, this Scarborough councillor has often criticized the mayor, but doesn’t align himself with the right-wing Responsible Government Group of councillors. This week, he said the continued use of the sick bank is a “huge financial liability” he can’t support.

4- Ron Moeser: A long-serving Scarborough councillor, he has not yet made up his mind on the union deal. Sometimes votes with Miller, sometimes not.

5- Bill Saundercook: The High Park-Parkdale councillor shares the same ward as Miller but has not thrown his support behind the mayor. Saundercook often takes a conservative stand on issues, but may decide that prolonging the strike is an untenable scenario.

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