Five girls have been charged in a stabbing incident in May.

Police found a 14-year-old girl stabbed in the chest near the former fish hatchery on the Bedford Highway on May 5.

“It was an arranged meeting between a couple of groups and it resulted in the sending back and forth of some nasty text messages,” said Const. Jeff Carr in an interview yesterday.


The victim and a 16-year-old girl walked into a prearranged meeting at police headquarters on Monday and were formally charged. The victim is charged with possession of a weapon — a knife — and the 16-year-old girl was charged with assault with a weapon and possession of a weapon.

On Tuesday, a 14-year-old girl was also charged with possession of a weapon. A 16-year-old girl was charged with breaching a court order, and another girl, 17, will be arrested and charged with the same thing, since she is now living out of the province. Carr said the court order conditions stated these two girls weren’t supposed to be around each other, but that night they were in the same group.

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