From coast to coast, the United States of America is blessed with majestic mountains, but when it comes to snow quality, terrain, and snowfall, the best are in the West.

Rocky Mountain snow is so light and fluffy it’s called “champagne powder,” while the Sierra Nevadas catch huge Pacific snowstorms.

Mix in stunning scenery, pristine slopes, a wide selection of accommodations and an array of après options. The result? An outstanding winter holiday.


Aspen, Colorado
Aspen is arguably the best winter resort in the world, and when the sun goes down, this small town has nightlife to beat many international cities. There are more than 40 restaurants within six blocks offering everything from exclusive gourmet dining to freshly-made take-out pizza. The bars range from the hip hangouts to lively local watering holes. And if that’s not enough, there are nightclubs and live music venues, too.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Jackson Hole has some of the steepest and most challenging ski and boarding terrain in North America. And unlike many resorts in the U.S., it allows you to use the lift system to gain access to the surrounding backcountry. It’s hardcore terrain, and not for the inexperienced or ill-prepared. There’s no avalanche control, so you go out at your own risk.

Winter Park, Colorado
Winter Park is the closest major resort to Denver, making it a contender for a cheaper, one-week stay. There are three mountains with a huge variety of terrain and a very impressive snowfall record. There is a new resort-based village as well as a small town close by and together they offer more than 50 bars and restaurants.

Heavenly, California/Nevada
Situated on the shores of Lake Tahoe, Heavenly is where to go to enjoy stunning scenery. It sits astride the state line, and as Nevada allows gambling there are several major casinos with cabaret shows, gaming tables, restaurants, bars, spas and live music. There are also trips out into the desert, visits to old West ghost towns and boat cruises on the lake.

Breckenridge, Colorado
When you are learning to ski or board, quality professional instructors and a variety of perfect-pitch slopes make all the difference. Not only does Breckenridge score extremely high with both, the deal-breaker is its Colorado powder snow – this stuff is incredibly light and fluffy, which means fewer falls, and softer landings when you do.

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