Checking your balance doesn’t have to result in panic and confusion. Every day spending habits can add up without you even realizing it. But keeping your wallet full doesn’t mean you have to skimp on everything. Incorporating the below tips into your life will have you actually smiling next time you check your account.


Five habits that will save you money. Tweaking the way you live can make you richer in the long run.


Track your spending. Obsessively writing down every dime you spend may sound daunting, but apps like Xpenser and Pennies make it simple and doing it for just one month will really help you better understand where your paycheck is going. You may be surprised how much you actually spend on food or entertainment until you actually see the numbers.


Pick and choose your vices.If a $5 morning latte habit gets you through the day, don’t give it up. But it does mean you may have to sacrifice some other indulgences, like packing a lunch instead of buying one each day.


Think before you buy. Make every purchase count by taking a minute to stop and think first to consider how important it is. This works for everything from buying a bottle of water to bigger purchases. You’ll also appreciate what you do buy more.


Exercise. Hopping on a CitiBike or jogging in the park can actually save you money in the long run – no pun intended! According to Business Insider, people who exercise have lower health risks and avoid hefty doctors’ bills more than those who don't.

Remind yourself what you’re saving for. If you are saving money for a Parisian vacation, make the City of Love your computer background. Or if you’re trying to save up so you can get your own apartment with no roommates, create a Pinterest board of what you want it to look like. Small sacrifices are easier to make when you keep the big picture in mind.