Five of New York's greatest silver screen scenes

In the new film, <em>The Adjustment Bureau</em>, Matt Damon and Emily Blunt run around a futuristic New York City, pursued by shadowy agents that are out to get them.


In the new film, The Adjustment Bureau, Matt Damon and Emily Blunt run around a futuristic New York City, pursued by shadowy agents that are out to get them. But the Big Apple is even more fun with all the conspiracy theories and gun-toting baddies. Metro rounds up some of the best spots in the city as featured on the silver screen.


The Adjustment Bureau
Brooklyn Bridge
Before Matt Damon’s rising politician ends up on the run, he’s busy running for office, using landmarks like the famous bridge as backdrops for his campaign speeches. The first-ever steel wire suspension bridge is one of the city’s enduring landmarks and a great place to start your own chase scenes. A walk across it also puts visitors in the right place to explore the gorgeous architecture of Brooklyn Heights.


I Am Legend
Washington Square Park
In this dystopian zombie flick, Will Smith holes up in one of the fancy townhouses alongside Greenwich Village’s main attraction. Luckily for visitors, there aren’t hordes of blood-thirsty monsters stalking the Washington Square Arch — and the park has just completed a $16-million refurbishment, sprucing up the unofficial centre of New York University’s campus and aligning its famous fountain with that arch.


Die Hard with a Vengeance
Central Park
The massive park in Manhattan is featured in many films, most thrillingly in the third chapter in the Die Hard franchise, when Det. John McClain (Bruce Willis) commandeers a cab and careens through the park to beat traffic. We don’t recommend off-road driving — Central Park is a nature conservancy — but take a cue from the film and explore the less-familiar northern end of the park, for gems including the Harlem Meer and the Great Hill.

Black Swan
Lincoln Center
While much of the action in this Oscar-nominated psychological thriller happens inside New York’s famed ballet theatre, the surrounding area still gets a chance to show off. And it has plenty to boast about, as Lincoln Center recently underwent a four-year facelift, with magnificent new facades and promenades worth checking out. Plus, with numerous performance venues including the homes of the Metropolitan Opera and the New York Philharmonic, there’s plenty for connoisseurs of the arts to explore.

Ghostbusters 2
The Statue of Liberty
No visit to the Big Apple would be complete without checking out Lady Liberty, which came to life to save the day in this 1989 sequel. There’s no word on whether she’ll reprise her role for the anticipated Ghostbusters 3, but she’s still accepting visitors in New York Harbor. And while the city would frown on your bringing the statue to life using ectoplasm and guiding it across the river to Manhattan, you can still visit for an awesome view of the city and experience a piece of New York history.